We move it!

Shaping active mobility of teenagers in urban settings through participative processes and intersectoral dialogue

Project role


„We move it!“ asks how towns must be shaped, so that young people can enjoy an active urban mobility and move around affordably, independently, environmentally friendly and healthy. The project especially reaches out to teenagers with a less possibilities of participation and supports them with the help of youth workers. Municipal authorities get in touch with the teenagers and their requests and collaborate with them in various fields, which is particularly important when it comes to questions of healthy urban mobility.


The teenagers will research their surroundings in three Austrian towns – Klagenfurt, Villach and Wörgl – and analyse their possibilities for an active mobility. Afterwards they will develop project proposals, which they will evaluate in collaboration with town staff and politicians on equal terms and decide upon the projects to be implemented to improve the mobility situation of the youth. Due to comprehensive exchange between the towns, mutual learning will be enabled. In the end, the project results will be provided to other towns in the form of guidelines and at a conference.


„We move it!“ was initiated by the Austrian Healthy Cities Network. The implementation takes place in collaboration with the nationwide network Offene Jugendarbeit (bOJA) and queraum. kultur- und sozialforschung. Klagenfurt collaborates with the local girls' centre, Villach with the local youth centre ju:Z and Wörgl with the ZONE Wörgl.


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