AEMA – Adult Education Made Accessible


European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig

Project role


The AEMA project is carried out by 12 organisations. 11 European countries work together to build strong networks and develop a web portal dedicated to accessibility in adult education.


The AEMA network addresses adult education providers, accessibility experts, people with (learning) disabilities and service providers for persons with a disability.

We will develop national checkpoints that provide accessibility assessments for adult education providers. If necessary, the providers will be brought in contact with accessibility experts who can support the providers in reducing barriers for persons with a disability. Accessibility experts will use the checkpoints as platforms to promote their expertise and skills. Thus, the national checkpoints will act as links between adult education providers and experts in various fields of accessibility.

The AEMA partnership will establish national and European networks and support adult education providers and experts in their shared efforts to make adult education more accessible.


queraum. cultural and social research (Project coordinator, AT); innovia – Service und Beratung zur Chancengleichheit gemeinnützige GmbH (AT); P.A.U. Education (ES); Symbiosis Foundation (HU); Racio human capital development company Ltd (SL); Julie Lunt Ltd (GB); ADPIOS (F); Dia Sport Association (BG); Rhythmus (CZ); ISIS – Institut für Soziale Infrastruktur (DE), Folkuniversitetet (SE); EAEA (BE)

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