Auf gesunde Nachbarschaft!

Project role


The FGÖ initiative "Auf gesunde Nachbarschaft!" (Healthy Neighbourhoods) aims to raise awarness for the health promoting effects of supporting neighbourhoods, inspire people to set up projects in their neighbourhoods and offer training and networking opportunities for relevant stakeholders in the field.

In the first project phase, partner organisations in two model regions tested various activation and awareness raising methods. At present, organisations in various Austrian regions work with two target groups that can profit most from functioning neighbourhoods: older people and pregnant women / families with young children. The projects in the regions are accompanied and supported by a national campaign (e.g., Facebook page, PR, events) and training and networking provisions.


queraum. cultural and social research has already supported the FGÖ in the development of the initiative and supports the FGÖ in carrying out the project. The queraum team helps with development, training and networking activities and takes a role in the communication campaign.

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