Health promotion project "Gesunde Leopoldstadt"

Project role


The health promotion project „Gesunde Leopoldstadt“ is part of the “Gesunde Bezirke” initiative, which is financed by the Wiener Gesundheitsförderung and aims at

  • enabling the different actors in the second district in Vienna to exchange information regarding health promotion topics
  • encouraging new ideas and innovations
  • communicating knowledge concerning health promotion topics and
  • raising awareness of the health issue in public.

This project addresses two target groups: social disadvantaged people and stakeholders from the second district in Vienna.


queraum. cultural and social research is responsible for the implementation of the project.

Along the project's aims the following activities are planned: Already at the project’s beginning, the platform "Gesunde Leopoldstadt" is going to be established to encourage networking and exchange between the different stakeholders and to promote a discussion about best practice examples. The online forum Gesunde Leopoldstadt supports a transparent communication and an extensive project documentation. A central activity of this project is the “Ideenbörse”, which collects suggestions for concrete health initiatives. The team of queraum offers financial, organizational and content support to stakeholders to implement their ideas. Furthermore, there is a series of educational programs planned to support the stakeholders with the adoption of knowledge concerning health topics.

A package of activities will bring topics concerning health and health promotion towards the public and the specific target groups. All activities happen in consultation with the contracting authority WiG.

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