Coordination of the EU-Project "Sign Library“


European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig

Project role


The S¡GN LiBRARY!-project aims to

  • facilitate access to literature for deaf people by translating world literature into sign language
  • set user-tested standards of producing Sign Language books by developing Guidelines for the Production of Sign Language Books
  • make known the barrier-free online sign-library, where users can “read” the Sign Language Books as videos online or download them for free
  • make available sign language books in (National) Libraries  promote the educational model of bilingual education and training for deaf people
  • reach policy makers and important stakeholders (publishing houses, universities, companies…) by a set of public relation and publicity


In the course of the project, partners in Austria, Germany, Hungary and Slovenia translate a set of literary works and texts into the respective national Sign Language. An expert jury consisting of deaf peer-group-members and European literary & linguistic experts will choose these texts. Sign language poets and interpreters from the peer group of deaf people will prepare these texts for signing and will translate them into sign language. Their signing performance of the literary texts will be filmed. These videos – the sign language books - will be available on the barrier-free online sign-library, where users can “read” the sign language books as videos online or download them for free.

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