Digital inclusion in day centres and housing facilities

Project role


queraum. cultural and social research was commissioned by the Fonds Soziales Wien (FSW) to evaluate the situation of digital inclusion in the fields of day centres and housing for persons with disabilities. The target groups of this evaluation project are staff members and clients (with learning disabilities). Digital inclusion is a major element of inclusion and participation as laid down in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Comprehensive digital inclusion requires a lot: from an adequate infrastructure (e.g. hardware), (inclusive) software and support provisions (e.g. media literacy trainings) to the individual media literacy of the persons involved. Persons with learning disabilities are at a major disadvantage and face many barriers on their way to real digital inclusion.

With this evaluation project, the FSW aims to contribute to the development of media literacy, to make visible the experiences of clients and staff members with good practice in new media and to contribute generally to the implementation of the UN Convention.

Implementation of the evaluation

The evaluation team is responsible for the analysis of a comprehensive online survey among staff members. In addition, clients (in the fields of day centres, qualification/training, occupational inclusion, housing and the users of the self-advocacy centre) are interviewed in semi-structured interviews. The final report summarizes the findings of both parts of the evaluation project and presents good practice in digital inclusion in FSW provisions.