ACTIVE-HEALTHY to Kindergarten and School

Project role

Objectives and activities

The project “ACTIVE-HEALTHY to Kindergarten and School” has been set up to develop the programme “Active and healthy mobility management for Viennese Kindergartens and Schools”. The Institute for Transport of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences collects and evaluates existing information and awareness raising provisions for the active mobility of children and young people in Vienna. Based on the results, the project team develops qualitative standards and evaluation methods for future provisions of mobility management in kindergartens and schools and carries out analysis of selected pilot projects. The results of both project steps will be the basis of the programme “Active and healthy mobility management for Viennese Kindergartens and Schools“. After the project and the programme development, the Mobility Agency Vienna will implement and coordinate the programme. 

Implementation of the evaluation

queraum is responsible for the process evaluation and supports the project team continuously in the implementation of the work packages (Objectives Clarification Workshop, Exchange and Reflection Workshops). Target achievements, experiences and the results of the external evaluation that focuses on the optimization of the programme are reflected upon in a final workshop. In addition, the evaluation team interviews stakeholders in active mobility at two points in time to collect information and perspectives that might support the project team in its approach and the development of the programme. Furthermore, the queraum team supports the project team in the realisation of two experts’ meetings.