Integration and Health

Working areas
Project role


The services provided by Interface Wien – education, counselling and other integration services – are a promising field of intervention regarding health literacy among migrants in Vienna. The Interface staff is in direct contact with the communities, cooperates trustfully (often over a period of several years) with the organisation's customers and focuses on the development of every day competencies. Issues such as health, health promotion and health literacy thus go along very well with the work of Interface.

The activities of the project "Integration and Health" target the Interface staff but have a health promotion impact on the Interface customers which are defined as the primary target group of the project. After a needs assessment among staff member and customers, activities and measures are developed and carried out in a participative way. The main focus is on the question on how the issue of health may be integrated more thoroughly into the counselling and education/training work of Interface. 

Implementation of the support

queraum. cultural and social research supports the project with health promotion expertise. The needs assessment is supported by focus groups with staff members and by the development and analysis of a survey among customers. The Health Promotion Support also provides advice to the internal health team which is responsible for the design of activities.

These activities are developed on the basis of the results of the focus groups and the survey. In the course of the project, the Health Promotion Support team monitors the target achievement of the internal health team and possible improvements of the planned activities. At the end of the project, the entire process is analysed together in a sustainability workshop. The main objectives of this workshop is to work out how to integrate the project results into the daily routine of the organisation.