Evaluation of a workplace health promotion programme at the MA 28 – Straßenverwaltung und Straßenbau

Working areas
Project role


The Wiener Gesundheitsförderung supports the implementation of health promotion programmes in municipality departments and municipality-owned companies in Vienna. This support includes cost-free counselling services regarding health promotion projects and support in all programme phases (e.g. analysis of health resources and negative factors, moderation of so-called health circles, trainers in various fields of health promotion, external evaluation). These services are provided in cooperation with contractors. The municipality department MA 28 – Straßenverwaltung und Straßenbau benefits from the services of the WiG for workplace health promotion. 

Implementation of the evaluation

The internal project team is accompanyied systematically during the implementation – intermediate results are reported and jointly reflected upon and the next steps are planned.

The evaluation is part of various phases of the workplace health promotion process: In the phase of analysis, the health circles are interviewed and asked for their feedback. The workshops are evaluated with the help of telephone and personal interviews with selected participants. At the end of the project, all staff members are invited to evaluate the effectiveness of and satisfaction with the health promotion programme and its activities and measures by filling in an online questionnaire. This final survey does also cover questions about the staff members' expectations regarding future workplace health promotion. 

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