Healthy Kids

Project role


The health promotion project "Healthy Kids" is part of the WiG programme "Healthy Districts". Together with partners from the field of open youth work, we carry out the „Kinder-Gesundheitsstraße“ or the „WOW! Wohlfühlen in Wien“ project in nine Viennese districts. We aim to

  • support children in working out the meaning of health in their environment,
  • transfer knowledge in the field of health promotion,
  • strengthen partnerships and
  • transfer the project experiences to stakeholders within and without the participating districts.

The project targets kids and young people (between 6 and 12 years old) and staff members in the context of open youth and leisure work.


The „Healthy Kids“ projects will be carried out by a partnership consisting of IFEP – Institut für Erlebnispädagogik, Kinderfreunde Wien aktiv, Kinderfreunde Leopoldstadt, Kinderfreunde Brigittenau and JUVIVO. queraum. cultural and social research is responsible for the coordination of the project.

The kids will participate actively in the development and realisation of the projects "Kinder-Gesundheitsstraße" and "WOW!“ Wohlfühlen in Wien".