„VoluntLearning Pro“

Partnership for the exchange of volunteers and professionals on how to promote active citizenship


European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig

Working areas
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The project "VoluntLearning Pro" aims at the organisation of a transnational exchange in study visits in four different countries. Interested people from the public sector, non-profit institutions and active volunteers are invited to participate actively in study visits to Germany, Austria, the German-speaking community of Belgium and the Netherlands.

The study visits focus on the bilateral exchange on voluntary work and active citizenship. At these study visits, various approaches on how voluntary work and its promotion have been implemented in the partner countries, will be presented. Special attention will be paid to innovative and creative approaches in the involved countries.


queraum. cultural and social research is as Austrian project partner – together with the Wiener Hilfswerk as a cooperation partner – responsible for the design, the coordination and the implementation of the study visits.

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