Lights on stAGE!

Learning to (self-)create together through dance

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The project "Lights on stAGE!" supports older learners to develop and show their creative potential. In the collective learning process, participation and empowerment are fostered, communities of older learners are established and nourished. In addition, persons and organizations from the sphere of arts and culture become aware of older people as a target group of their activities and new images of ageing are promoted.


The Spanish organisation A.R.E.A. coordinates the project. queraum contributes its expertise in adult learning. In Barcelona, A.R.E.A. carries out the dance projects with older participants, in Austria, the Tanzwerkstatt is responsible for the implementation.

After a research of theoretical frameworks and good examples, practical guidelines for the implementation of dance projects with older people are developed. These guidelines are tested with groups of older learners. The results of the project will be distributed to various fields (e.g. dance pedagogy, adult training) via various channels.

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