Living democracy in Donaustadt

Students‘ representational forum plus


22. district of Vienna

Working areas
Project role


The project “Living democracy in Donaustadt. Students’ representational forum plus” was dedicated to the development of young people’s political competences and to the improvement of participation opportunities in the 22nd district of Vienna. It was carried out in 2020/21 together with the heads of the student’s councils, their deputies and the class representatives of 10th and 11th grades of schools in Donaustadt. The project was an innovative adaptation of similar projects in this district. It encouraged the participants to reflect upon politics and to acquire knowledge and competences in this field. Opportunities for participation and experiences of democracy in familiar environments were provided.


The project was implemented by Zeit!Raum – Verein für soziokulturelle Arbeit together with queraum as experts for youth participation and political education projects. The Magistratsabteilung 13 (Education and youth work) and the district council member responsible for children and youth cooperated in the design of the project. COVID-19 forced the team carry out the project partially in a digital setting. The young participants reflected upon politics in general and got to know the district structures, boards and commissions. In addition, they found out about the fields of action of their district’s representatives. The 22nd district provided a budget that allowed the young participants to develop and implement their own ideas together with their fellow students. In doing so, they created and tested democratic decision-making processes. At the end of this process, they put their ideas into practice.