Jugendgesundheitskonferenzen 2.0 and City Challenge ("Healthy Districts" programme)

Project role


The "Healthy Districts" programme, funded by the Wiener Gesundheitsförderung, consists of various modules. One of these modules is dedicated to health promotion activities for young people and is carried out by a consortium of queraum. cultural and social research and the women's health centre FEM.

The module comprises two different project types:

  1. "Youth Health Conference 2.0" – a further development of the "Youth Health Conference" that has already been carried out in 12 Viennese districts and has proven itself an excellent tool in health promotion work with young people.
  2. The second project type is the so-called „City Challenge“, a health tour in selected districts.

Both project types focus on socioeconomically disadvantaged young people between 12 and 19. They aim to

  • improve health literacy with an open and participative approach,
  • reach new target groups (e.g. older cohorts, apprentices, young people in supervised residential groups, young refugees, young people with disabilities) and contribute to health equality in Vienna and
  • making visible existing health promoting organisations and programmes and opportunities for co-operation in the nine "Healthy Districts".


The module is implemented in close co-operation with relevant organisations located in the districts (e.g. schools, youth centres, training workshops, information centres, open youth work organisations, other NPOs). The partners are asked to get involved and realize their ideas with the support of the queraum/FEM team. They are provided with comprehensive support including contents, methods and organisational issues.

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