"Being active, staying healthy!"

Health promotion for older women and men through social participation



Our comprehensive campaign aims at promoting new images of older men and women – providing insight into their skills and experiences and their contribution to our society. Older men and women who are interested to get involved as volunteers will be encouraged to do so. The campaign will also be dedicated to presenting innovative approaches to the issue of health promotion for older people through participation. Professionals in this field will be motivated and supported in promoting respective projects.


queraum. cultural and social research is responsible for the implementation of the entire project. The project is composed of three main activities/products:

  • A booklet targets older people interested in health promotion through social participation. Portraits of active older women and men („role models“) will be presented in this publication to encourage the readers to also get involved in their communities. queraum will carry out interviews with these role models to obtain insight into their motivations, strenghts, skills and experiences.
  • A manual will support professionals in the field (e.g. local communities, organisations) in setting up and carrying out projects of health promotion for older men and women through social participation. The contents of this manual will be based on research regarding best-practice projects and literature and above all on interviews with experts in the relevant fields.
  • The PR campaign aims at raising awareness for health promotion through social participation at various levels (direct target groups, networks, disseminators, general public). A comprehensive set of PR activities (e.g. presentations, mailings, press work, events) will support the dissemination of the booklet and the manual among the target groups and will promote new images of older women and men in the general public.
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