Coordination of the EU-project "Senior-Guides"


European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme

Working areas
Project role


Therefore, the "Senior-Guides" project aims at developing, implementing and disseminating a Curriculum for the training of older volunteers to realize guided tours for senior citizens and inform them about target group oriented offers provided in their living environment (e.g. participating- and lifelong learning opportunities, social services). Hence, so called senior-guides act not only as consumers but also as multiplicands for older people. The Senior-Guides project addresses

  • older people providing senior-guide tours
  • older people participating in the tours
  • organizations acting as hosts of the guided tours



Five European countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, United Kingdom) are involved in the project. queraum is responsible for the European coordination of the project.

  • a curriculum for the training of older people to become senior-guides
  • participating learning results that are a) helpful tools for performing guided tours and b) respond flexibly to the needs of older people in the respective regions
  • training support packs addressing training providers, communities, adult learning institutions etc.
  • Transfer-Workshops training providers
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