Evaluation of "MIA - Mothers in Action“

Working areas
Project role


The woman’s Health Promotion Center aims at promoting the health of pregnant women and mothers in the districts Leibnitz and Liezen. The project „MIA – Mothers in Action“ is also financed by the Fonds Gesundes Österreich and by the Gesundheitsfonds Steiermark.

Implementation of the evaluation

queraum. cultural and social research supports the project team through a process evaluation with specifying the aims of the project, with reflecting the different steps of the project, with reviewing the process regularly and also with optimizing them. The result evaluation examines the efficiency of the different actions. In this case the methodological emphasis was on the women’s group. A written questionnaire on two dates (pre-post comparison) is useful to get a detailed picture regarding the efficiency for the overall well-being, the satisfaction and the health of the target group. In a few reflection workshops the participants of the women’s group and the “Müttercafés” turned in helpful feedback. Through phone interviews it is possible to include the opinions of relevant cooperation partners into the evaluation. For the evaluation team it is especially important to create a workshop design which was oriented on the target group and which made it possible to collect quantitative data but also qualitative feedback from the women.

Additionally to the evaluation report, a handbook is developed, which includes experiences of the people who enforced and participated in the project, highlights and challenges of the process and also practical support for people who work in the field of health promotion, regarding planning and enforcing projects.

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