Coordination of the EU-Project "TRA¡NSITION!"


European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo

Project role


The quality of the transition from school to work and the successful intervention by professionals can be regarded as crucial for the further labour market performance of young persons with a disability.

The main objective of the project tra¡nsition!, therefore, is to develop and disseminate a curriculum for the training and further education of trainsition trainers which is based on the specific needs of the target groups and the social and political contexts in the partner countries.


In total, five European countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia) are involved in this project. In addition to the elaboration of the curriculum and the implementation of the training, following activities are planned:

  • establishment of a platform in each partner country, in order to discuss innovative methods and strategies of transition from school to work with experts at a regional and national level
  • transferring the Austrian innovative model of good practice “Clearing” to new member countries
  • organisation of an event to present the results to the public.
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