AMS brochure "Job-seeking women with disabilities"

Eine Broschüre des AMS für Arbeit suchende Frauen mit Behinderung

Project role


The brochure is intended to raise awareness that people with disabilities are men and women with disabilities – with different initial positions and chances in society.

It is directed primarily at women with disabilities, who are informed about other disabled women’s interesting carriers and service organisations and thus be encouraged to go their own professional ways. AMS counsellors and disseminators are being encouraged to support women with disabilities in accepting professional challenges.


queraum. cultural and social research is responsible for research, analysis and written implemetation of the brochure. The main part of the brochure consists of portraits of handicapped women, created on the basis of interviews. The idea is to integrate detailed data about the life and work situation as well as helpful service organisations into the portraits. At the end of the brochure there will be a part that provides the most essential websites and service offers.

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