Migrants for Health

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Between 2012 and 2017, the Volkshilfe Wien implemented the international health programme MiMi (Migrants for Migrants). The main objective of this programme was the language and culture sensitive health promotion for migrants. 70 volunteers that had been trained as health conselors, organised info events on various health-related topics (e.g. Austrian health care system, nutrition and sports, ageing, care and health, mental health, migration and health) in their communities.

Based on the experiences collected in this project, the Volkshilfe initiated a new health project in 2018. The aim of “Migrants for Health” (MfG – Migrant*innen für Gesundheit) is to further develop the issue of migration and health as well as the health literacy of migrants. The health conselors from the previous project are a valuable source of knowledge and support also in the ongoing project.

In order to collect and reflect systematically the experiences from the previous project, queraum was commissioned with the analysis of the status-quo.


Recommendations about the health conselors‘ training, the organization of events and quality assurance and evaluation activities have been developed based on the results of the interviews with health conselors and relevant (former) staff. These recommendations were implemented in the new “Migrants for Health” project. In 2019, queraum was commissioned with a follow-up survey. Two focus groups with healh conselors were organized, the results were reflected upon together with the project team and used for the further development of the project.