What are the effects of the personal assistance and support provided by LOK?

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The aim of the research project is to find out about the effects of the personal assistance and support provided by LOK – from the view of both clients and staff of LOK. We want to have a look at how the clients are supported to live an autonomous life and develop their individual life plans in spite of their mental- health problems. In our research we mainly focus on the relationship between the clients and their supporters.


The entire research process is designed to develop an object-related and practically oriented theory of professional relationship work. Furthermore we will develop criteria and conditions for the facilitation of supportive relationships between persons with mental-health problems and LOK staff members.

The various perspectives of LOK stakeholders are considered in the research work that is based on a participative action research approach. Our research is explorative, qualitative and cyclical – as it is based on Grounded Theory. A steering committee supports the research process. Focus groups and short interviews with clients and staff members are followed by a participative investigation that includes in-depth interviews combined with photo voice, research journals etc. The research results are then analysed together with clients, staff members and managers of LOK in participative workshops. 


Universität Wien – Institut für Bildungswissenschaften, Inklusive Pädagogik

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