VeRRückte Kindheit

Project role


The Dachverband der Selbsthilfegruppen für Angehörige psychisch Erkrankter in Österreich (HPE Österreich) has developed the project "VeRRückte Kindheit" to support children of persons with mental health problems in their personal resources. Stress factors (e.g. tabooization, isolation, lack of care, emotional shortcomings, insecurity of commitment) will be balanced by relieving and supporting factors.

The project activities comprise counselling services (for young people and their families and peer-counselling), seminars for psychological parents, seminars for experts and networking activities for/with relevant institutions and providers. 

Implementation of the evaluation

The evaluation focus is on the process (process evaluation) as well as on the results of the project (summative evaluation). At the beginning, a planning workshop will be carried out with the entire project team to support them in specifying the project objectives and the indicators of target achievement. Throughout the project, reflection talks will provide the opportunity to discuss important issues, evaluate the project progress and define the next steps to be taken.

To assess the effects of the project and its activities, client families are interviewed. The feedback on the seminars for familiy members and on the experts' seminars is collected by means of feedback questionnaires. The perspectives of project partners are collected by means of an online questionnaire.