Violence against persons with disabilities



This is the first representative study of disabled persons' experiences of violence in Austria.

The study's focus is on persons living in institutions. However, all areas and phases of life are of interest.

The results will contribute to violence prevention and the support of persons affected by violence. They will comprise examples of good-practice and they will support institutions that have to deal with violence issues.

The study is based on a wide definition of violence, including direct and personal als well as structural violence. In this way, the diversity and complexity of structures of power and violence and the underlying causes can be tackled. 


To answer the complex questions of the study, we apply a triangulative research approach that combines different quantitative as well as qualitative methods (between method triangulation). A standardized survey among persons with disabilities is carried out throughout Austria (n = 350–400), complemented by qualitative interviews with persons from the target group. Additional surveys in institutional contexts based on questionnaires, as well as qualitative interviews with experts and good-practice analyses are carried out.

In the entire process and in the presentation of the results, the anonymity of the participating persons and institutions is guaranteed for. Furthermore we take care of a voluntary, careful and cautious data provision and collection. 


Institut für Rechts- und Kriminalsoziologie (Coordination), Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Menschenrechte, HAZISSA – Fachstelle für Prävention

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