Dreamlike Neighbourhood

Older people connect in their neighbourhood


EU funded project (Erasmus+ project)

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Dreamlike Neighbourhood brought together older people from The Hague (Netherlands), Vienna (Austria), Prague (Czech Republic) and Ljubljana (Slovenia). The project celebrated age and ageing in the public space, cultivating neighbourhoods that allow for connections and contributions across generations. Older people came together, shared their thoughts and laughs, empowered each other, actively shaping and co-creating their neighbourhoods.

Experiences, stories and methods from the project are summarized in the following publications:

  • This Handbook provides an insight into the two years of the Dreamlike Neighbourhood project. It tells stories of the co-creating of supporting neighbourhoods. We have written and compiled it for all those who work with older people and are interested in creating supporting communities with them.
  • Our Online Resource Kit presents practical tools and activities developed and tested together with older participants of the Dreamlike Neighbourhood project. The aim of the activities is to bring (older) people together, support participants to bring in their ideas and perspectives, motivate them to (re-)discover their neighbourhood and inspire them to connect.

Under the motto “Together is better”, the final event of the project gathered 40 committed participants on 5th October 2022. This was a great occasion to learn how we enabled supportive neighbourhoods to both - physically and socially - live and age well (and in place). Please watch the videos of presentatios here.


The project was realised from the following partner organisations: AFEdemy (The Netherlands), Letokruh (Czech Republic), Slovenian Third Age University (Slovenia), AGE Platform Europe (Belgium), und queraum. cultural and social research (Austria, European coordination).