Open youth work in Austria literate

Working areas
Project role


Between July and September 2021, bOJA together with queraum and Hallo Klima! worked on combining the issues of health literacy and sustainability with open youth work in Austria at the organisational level. The project aimed to 1. further develop the existing criteria of health literate youth work based on the values of sustainability and climate fairness, 2. contribute to capacity building in the field and to develop models of good practice. The target group included staff members of youth centres and mobile youth work, the young users of youth work and system partners in related fields.


The project consisted of four complementary parts:

  1. Analysis and further development of criteria of organizational health literacy in open youth work in line with climate fairness and sustainable development.
  2. Implementation of practical projects about health literacy and sustainability in three youth centres.
  3. Trainings of youth work staff (active mobility, climate-friendly nutrition and health literate youth work)
  4. Organisation of a intersectoral and interdisciplinary online event on health competent youth work.

queraum was involved in all project steps, especially the trainings and the practical projects.