Ageing in our midst


Fonds Gesundes Österreich, Sozialministerium, Österreichischer Städtebund und Land Steiermark. The partner cities and the Netzwerk Gesunde Städte also contribute financially to the project.

Project role


The Austrian population is ageing. While currently just under 20 percent of the people in Austria are 65+, by 2040 it will already be more than 26 percent. How can Austrian cities prepare for this development? How can good age(ing) be promoted so that people can live healthy and active lives in the city for as long as possible?

In the project „Ageing in our midst“, the four Austrian partner cities Graz, Linz, Tulln and Wörgl are working on these questions. „Aging in our midst“ is led by the Healthy Cities Network. queraum. cultural and social research is in charge of supporting the cities and bringing in knowledge on health promotion.


The project is conducted in four phases:

  1. Set up: The project will be set up across cities and within cities, survey instruments will be developed.
  2. Activate and learn: In this phase, each city will be assessed on the topic of active and healthy ageing. This includes the participation of older citizens and various actors in the survey and development process.
  3. Act and design: It follows the planning of measures and, building on this, the participatory implementation of projects that significantly and sustainably promote the social participation of older people in the city. The basis for this is the urban reflection and activation process in the previous phase.
  4. Look back and inspire: The fourth phase is finally dedicated to reflection, sustainability and transfer to other municipalities. An essential tool here is the transfer manual, which is being developed throughout the project.