Evaluation of the project "Health literate Open Youth Work at the local level"

Working areas
Project role

Objectives and activities

The project „Health Literate Open Youth work at local level“ wants to make organisations of open youth work in Austria deal with their organizational health literacy and commit themselves to the concept of „Health literate open youth work“. In this process, the organisations cooperate closely with their communities in order to improve health literacy in open youth work as well as in the general local structures via networking and knowledge transfer (capacity building). This contributes to increased health literacy of the young people in the community. The project is based on the development and implementation of an audit (“Health literate youth centre” or “Health literate mobile open youth work”). The communities have a major role in the development and implementation of the audit. In addition to the implementation of health literacy in the open youth work other activities around health literacy in open youth work are carried out: The network „Health Literate Youth Work” will be developed further and a website informing about health literacy in youth work will be set up.

Implementation of the evaluation

The evaluation consists of two parts: The targeted and regular reflection of the project/evaluation process in workshops and talks on the one hand and the evaluation of project activities and methods based on the perspectives of project participants on the other. The participants of the audits are asked to fill in an online questionnaire. The participants in the “Health Literate Youth Work” network are asked about their needs and feedback three times during the project, the results of this survey are presented at the network meetings.