Evaluation of the project "Durchblicker*in“

Health Literacy for women and men in adult education



The project, implemented by the Institute for women’s and men’s health, targets unemployed or job-seeking (migrant) women and men in qualification courses and female participants of German courses. In 70 workshop series, the participants will be supported to improve their health literacy. In addition, multipliers are trained and networking meetings of health and social experts for the transfer of knowledge and experiences are organized.

Implementation of the evaluation

The evaluation focuses on the process (process-oriented evaluation) as well as on the effects of the project activities (result-oriented evaluation). queraum. cultural and social research supports the project team during the entire project process. In the team, the project activities and the target achievements are reflected. In the framework of the result-oriented evaluation, the survey targets three groups: (1) female and male participants, (2) multipliers and (3) experts. The effects of the workshop on the female/male participants are tested by means of a standardized instrument (HLS-EU, short version). The multipliers are asked about the usability of the training contents and their general satisfaction with the training. The experts are interviewed about the transfer of knowledge and experiences through the network meetings.

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